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   Business start-up agency

Dominique Restino
Dominique Restino

Alain Belais
Alain Belais

Adress: 14 rue Delambre, 75682 Paris Cedex 14
Tel: 01 42 18 58 58
Fax: 01 42 18 58 00
Email: info@apce.com

  Fostering the spirit of entreprise

For close on 20 years, this agency has played an effective role in world of business start-ups.
Because the first quality required in a changing world is the ability to adapt, the ANCE, now the Agence Pour la Création d'Entreprises (APCE), has kept pace with the changes in the institutional landscape of business start-up support.
Its new responsibilities make the agency a key contributor to the consistency and efficiency of the environment in which entrepreneurs must operate.
The agency acts as a national observatory, encompassing also the new European and international vistas that have opened up, and has considerable influence with the authorities.
The agency works for the creation and development of support networks for those starting up, taking over or selling businesses, at local, regional, national and European levels.
It transfers its specialist know-how to partners in the field and provides them with the most modern purpose-built tools to ensure that their projects come to successful fruition.
More than ever before, this country has the resources needed to give renewed impetus to the process of business start-ups : the right networks, the tools, the people, and the determination... Let us, then, take as our motto the words of Saint-Exupéry: " There is no solution, there are just forces on the march...".

The tasks of the Agence Pour la Création d'Entreprises:
- Disseminate the spirit of enterprise.
- Inform entrepreneurs and assist professionals in their tasks.
- Observe and analyse the process of business start-ups in order to determine what forms of action are likely to improve the causes and effects thereof.

On the strength of its experience in the field of business start-ups, the APCE has developed products and services designed to assist entrepreneurs, operators and the authorities in making their projects a reality.

Whether it be in the field of information, guidance for entrepreneurs or optimising business start-up systems, the APCE can provide real assistance to all those in any way involved in the process of business start-up, and hence of job creation.

An active partnership policy:
The APCE relies on an active partnership policy to advertise and optimise its efforts.
At the local, regional, national, European and international level, the agency prides itself on creating the synergies needed to bring its tasks to completion.
Four objectives are the focus of the various partnership agreements :
- developing the spirit of enterprise ;
- adding to the number of quality projects undertaken ;
- providing a better response to the needs of entrepreneurs and those taking over established businesses.
- ensuring the long-term future of new start-ups.
The APCE is committed to assiduous and effective partnership, whether in the field of business start-up support networks, aid associations for entrepreneurs, private or public sector initiatives in favour of business development, or institutional bodies dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs.

   Audiences and services


While the APCE is not directly involved with the entrepreneur in the process of business start-up, it is nonetheless an ever-present source of information constantly on hand.
Through its publications and its Internet site, the agency provides guidance and the initial information required by project backers.
- The APCE practical guides and information sheets are an established standard of reference for publications on the methodology of business start-up aid, and are available via mail order catalogue as well as from specialist bookstores
- The APCE Internet site www.apce.com contains all the necessary technical information, from the most general to the most specific. The entrepreneur will find a number of interactive tools through which to identify the right people to contact in relation to his project and geographical situation, as well as an information system on start-up aids or a mailbox through which to pose questions relating to his project.


These constitute essential contacts for project backers, and the APCE is keen to develop on their behalf all the products and services likely to make their action more effective.
The various networks as well as local structures created by private, quasi-governmental and governmental initiatives can now rely on a range of tools developed by the agency.
- In this case, too, APCE publications are the standard of reference in providing advice to entrepreneurs.
- Data supplied by the APCE Observatory may prove useful in determining the thrust of network action policies.
- The " professional service " accessible via Internet offers operators an IT platform containing a wealth of practical information, specially geared to the needs of professionals responsible for advising and assisting entrepreneurs.
- Finally, as part of its contribution to the pursuit of quality by all business start-up support networks, the APCE offers a wide-ranging training programme designed for operators.

  The authorities

The APCE today is capable of observing, but also of analysing or evaluating any data to do with business start-ups, entrepreneurs or the resulting businesses. Among its other objectives, this function enables the APCE to issue all sorts of evaluations and forward projections regarding business start-up support systems.
On this basis, the APCE is equipped to provide government authorities with all the data and analysis needed to direct the thrust of their business start-up support policies.
- At the local, regional and national level, data supplied by the Observatory plus the technical support of APCE experts may play a key role in determining a targeted and effective government policy in favour of business start-ups.
- As part of its own responsibilities, as well as those of the Conseil National de la Création d'Entreprise, the agency formulates proposals designed to help improve the environment for entrepreneurs.

Avril 2014

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